What Is A Kamado Grill And Why It’s Good?

In China, Japan, and India, clay and earthen cooking pots have been in use for centuries, but the contemporary kamado grill has only been in usage for a few decades. As traditional cooking methods progressed, these made their way in Japanese families in the form of rice cookers of mushikamado, which are charcoal fired cooking machines with a damper and draught door to regulate the temperature. Americans serving in Japan in the 1945 World War took these devices back to the United States, where entrepreneurs like Ed Fisher converted them into the world’s first kamado grill.

Ceramics and porcelain glazes have been used to replace the clay over time, making the pieces durable enough to last a lifetime or even longer in certain cases. As a result of the thick sides, these grills perform very similarly to wood fired ovens in terms of heat absorption. Aside from that, they tend to be more efficient when it comes to the usage of coal and make meals more uniformly than grills made of plated steel. You may cook burgers and steaks on a kamado grill, or you can use it outdoors like an oven or smoker by removing the lid. The options are virtually limitless.

The Big Green Egg is by far the most popular form of kamado grill, however, it is not the only one available. When it comes to kamado grill reviews, there’s a lot of disagreement about which is better: Kamado Joe or the Big Green Egg. Some kamado grills are even intended to operate with Big Green Egg attachments, which may be purchased separately. So go ahead and select the one that works best for you and start making wonderful dishes!

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