Unveiling the Delectable ‘Screamer Burger’ from Ballistic Burgers: A Fiery Culinary Adventure!


As individuals have evolved in the long-established human civilization, so too have the items they use on a daily basis and the food they consume. Today, We want to focus on a particular kind of burger called a “Screamer Burger” from the Ballistic Burgers YouTube channel. In the 1940s, Tony’s Lunch, a restaurant in Girardville, Pennsylvania, is credited with inventing the hamburger. So, let’s begin.

Ballistic Burger

The Art of Making

The owner of this channel has created a wide variety of burgers, drawing inspiration from the likes of Gordon Ramsay and popular favorites across the country. However, our personal favorite is the “Screamer Burger,” which we will be discussing in detail today. 

The key ingredient the creator uses is his preferred store-bought homemade chili sauce. To begin, he takes a small bowl and adds two scoops of chili sauce, enhancing the spiciness by mixing in a small amount of sriracha to the store-bought paste. Once mixed thoroughly, he moves on to preparing the ground meat, seasoning it to taste with salt and pepper before placing it on the griddle. 

Art of Cooking Screamer Burger

While the patty is cooking, he takes the time to prepare the bun by spreading butter on the untoasted hamburger bun. The patty is then topped with a folded slice of American cheese. 

Once the patty has developed a charred exterior, it is ready to be assembled. The creator adds the prepared chili sauce, along with some raw sliced onions, and here comes the secret ingredient, the marshmallow fluff! This unique addition, a type of marshmallow cream, imparts a significant and distinctive flavor to the burger. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!


Get Your Taste Buds Dancing

The presentation looked delicious and appetizing. From the ingredients, you can understand that it combines both sweet and savory flavors. Although it may seem like a peculiar combination, We believe the sweetness of the fluff complements the hot sauce beautifully. It reduces the heat, but not in a negative way. It’s undoubtedly the most unusual burger We’ve ever encountered, yet it remains satisfying.

Bottom Line

Tony’s spicy Screamer Burger is really a tasty and go to dish for everyone. From ingredients to cooking process, everything has its own speciality. And when things comes to burger, no one can stop himself/herself without eating. So, if you are a burger lover, you must try Tony’s Screamer Burger and give yourself a treat.

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