Coney Island – An Iconic Travel Destination

Coney island is a beautiful island situated in north-eastern Singapore and close to the border of Malaysia. Historically, it was developed as an island health resort with coastal accommodations, a restaurant, a dance hall, and a bar. It is currently in the hands of the government. Coney Island now is home to a diverse range of flora and wildlife that may be found on the island’s well-kept pathways, in the mangroves, and amid the trees and woods that border many of the pathways. This location does not get a lot of tourist traffic, but it should.

The beauty of Coney island lies in its beautiful natural surroundings. Beautiful landscapes enriched with a diverse variety of flora and fauna make hiking and walking through the island a fun ride in itself. There are plenty of animals to look for including monkeys, lizards, snakes, turtles, butterflies, and many others. The island is also home to around 80 different species of birds and is particularly famous among bird enthusiasts. Additionally, with a lot of different species of green plants and picturesque beaches, the island is a perfect spot for photography as well

To get to the island, the nearest station is Punggol. From there you either get a bus, or walk. You will need to cover approximately 500 meters east along Punggol Promenade Nature Walk. Just follow the signs and you will easily get to the west entrance of Coney Island Park. In fact walking to reach and then through the coney island is a great idea as you get to absorb all the beautiful surroundings. You can also hire a cycle to travel through the island.

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