Why Travellers Love Geilo?

Geilo is a township in the southern part of Norway located in the Hallingdal valley, 250 kilometres from Oslo and 260 kilometres from Bergen. It’s most famous for its mountain trails and ski resorts. Geilo is a beautiful spot for anybody looking for a true natural adventure. It offers a wonderful opportunity for explorers looking for a more immersed holiday due to its quietness and elevation above sea level. 

Geilo is a hilly area with an elevation of 1178 metres higher than sea level. The winter months provide a fantastic vacation opportunity for anybody seeking the excitement of cold weather sports. Skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and  in the magnificent mountains are all available in winter. Geilo offers everything you’re searching for, whether you’re a downhill or cross-country skier. There’s plenty of downhill fun to keep your days full with heart-racing excitement. The mountains and woods provide stunning scenery to explore, with a variety of excursions suitable for persons of different ages and levels of fitness.

Geilo also offers everything a summer enthusiast might want. The snow covered mountains are now lush, green, and rugged, ready to be conquered. It is an ideal location for downhill mountain riding. Race from the peaks of the mountains to the valleys below, crossing extensive routes for an incredible sensation that will leave you breathless and your pulse racing. With the snow gone, it’s also a fantastic time to go hiking in the mountains, earning oneself some jaw dropping views and stunning photos of a Norway few people get to see. With all of this, Geilo has a wonderful adventure waiting for you, whether you want an adventure in summer or in winter.

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