How to stay more safe? Things we are doing wrong everyday

We sometimes go through life believing that everything we do is correct, from how we wash our hands to how we remove a mask. So, in this video, you will learn, How to do things the safest way possible and how to deal with any emergency.

In the video, you will get a demonstration on how to remove your gloves without allowing any part of your skin to come into contact with them. – You won’t pick up any germs this way.

Also, demonstration on how to remove a surgical mask by grabbing it with your fingers and pulling it away from your ears before disposing it.

Also, when you go to open the water tab to wash your hands, never grab it with your fingers; instead, use your forearm to turn it on. Close it with your elbow and always use tissue paper to open the door or flush the toilet.

When applying a bobby pin, make sure the bumpy part is facing your head and this will ensure that it stays in place. Also, never cut the end of a sugar sachet to pour it into your coffee; instead, cut the sachet in half.

Keep watching until the end to learn more brilliant tricks that only a few smart people are aware of.

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