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Ghost of Glitches City- Pokemon Creepypastas

Introduction Have you ever heard of the Ghost of Glitches City, the mysterious and terrifying urban legend that has been circulating around the Pokemon fandom? If you haven’t, then you’re in for a wild ride. Ghost of Glitches City is one of many creepy pastas, or horror stories based on video games, primarily those in […]

Marvel’s She-Hulk Series Is Rather Disappointing!

If you check out any of the She-Hulk comic runs, beginning with Savage She-Hulk #1 and going all the way up to the most recent issue, you will discover that they are all pretty good. They are available in several comic book shops right now, and fans love them. Because She-Hulk is one of the most […]

Why Do People Like Horror Movies?

Horror films are terrifying. They’re awful. They cause you to contemplate death and worry about your life. Despite this, many of us enjoy them. People are naturally made to run away from anything that appears scary or threatens our life. Then how can people like something from which they are biologically made to run away! […]