You’ll Wish You’d Learned These Computer Tricks Years Ago

There are three categories of computer users: those who use a mouse, those who use a keyboard, and those who prefer to communicate with Cortana or Siri. Whatever group you fall under, you can’t deny the enormous utility of some shortcuts and hacks that expose previously hidden capabilities in your device. These clever hacks not only will enhance your daily computer experience but also increase your productivity and security.

We compiled a list of 14 computer hacks that will be extremely useful to anyone who uses their computer for personal or professional purposes.


1. Pressing Ctrl + T creates a new tab 0:54  

2. Before going to a PC specialist, Google any trouble you’re having. 01 :24 

3. Instead of using a calculator, use the Google search bar to convert currencies. at 01:57 ​

4. When in aeroplane mode, a laptop’s battery charges faster. 02:27 

5. Press Alt and click on any Google picture to download it automatically 02:57 ​

6. Hide your IP address so no one can see what you’re up to 03:29 

7. Download “f.lux” to automatically change the brightness of your computer’s screen to its surroundings 03:57

  8. A tidy desktop equates to a faster machine. 04:35

  9. Figure out who’s cheating your internet 05:04 

10.Even if you’ve filled the recycling bin, you can restore deleted files 05:37 ​

11. Your computer has been hacked if you see these indications. 06:14

12. Pressing Windows + C initiates a conversation with Cortana 06:49

13. Ctrl + Q closes your tab  07:30 

14. Ctrl + I converts the text type to italics. 07:55 


– Creating new tabs is a task that you perform several times during the day. Instead of using your cursor, you can simply click “ctrl” and the letter T, which will open a new tab.

– Type your issue into the Google search bar and see what Microsoft or various tech forums have to say about it.

– If you’re going overseas and want to know how much money you’ll get from the exchange, write down the sum of money and the currencies of the countries you’ll be visiting.

– When you put your laptop in aeroplane mode, certain functions are disabled, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This relieves some of the strain on your battery, allowing it to charge more quickly than it otherwise would have.

– If you hold down “alt” and then left-click on an image, it will be saved to your Downloads folder on your screen.

– You can mask your IP address and make your surfing invisible in a variety of ways. Installing a good VPN on your internet browser will allow you to hide your true location.

– The night shift mode on most computers changes the brightness during the night.

– If your device is slowing down, it may be due to an overabundance of icons on your screen. Instead of making a folder on your desktop for everything, you can build one and arrange everything in it.

– If you want to find out who the thief (or thieves) is as well as change your password, you can download Who Is on My Wi-Fi and challenge them.

– Deleting files and then emptying the recycle bin can be a time-consuming process. You can use Recuva, which is the most popular application for recovering permanently deleted files.

-Every day, millions of people are hacked, and you could be one of them at any time. One of the first warning signs is seeing the antivirus switched off.

– Exiting your web browser is yet another extremely valuable shortcut. You should click “ctrl” and then the letter Q in this situation.

– There are 147 different things that can happen when you combine the “ctrl” key and the letter I. The most popular and common use of the combination, however, is to convert the text in Word and other text editing programs from standard to italic type

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