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Heal Me Lord- Operando’s Morning Prayer

Operando NGO, a leading organization in the field of spiritual healing and personal development, has introduced a powerful morning prayer called “Heal me Lord” can heal your soul. This beautifully crafted prayer is designed to help individuals connect with their inner self and find peace in their daily lives. The words are carefully chosen and […]

Power of OM Chanting- Great Source of Meditation

Chanting OM is said to be one of the most powerful things we can do for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When we chant OM, we are vibrating at the same frequency as the Universe. This helps to align our individual energy with the Universal energy, creating a sense of harmony and balance. There […]

Reading of Devotional Morning Mercies Reading by Mario Andre

Devotional morning mercies are very good for human beings. They help us to connect with the divine and to find inner peace and calm. Morning mercies also help us to set our intention for the day ahead and to focus on what is truly important. People find that taking even just a few minutes to […]

Reasons Why You Should Meditate!

Meditation is a type of complementary exercise for the mind and body in which you focus your attention while making an effort to maintain calmness and stop any distracting thoughts from running through your head. The practice of meditation has persisted today for several reasons throughout thousands of years. These days, more and more people […]

Steps of Spiritual Awakening

Discover the life-changing stages of spiritual awakening and simple but effective strategies for navigating each stage step, even the most difficult ones. It has been discovered that spiritual awakenings tend to follow specific patterns or stages that you can quickly identify to help you make sense of what is happening to you. And as you […]

Secrets of Spirituality

We heard about Spirituality in many ways but did we know about it correctly, or was it just the same plain explanation as most people heard. If yes, let’s understand a bit better from a new point of view. What is Spirituality? Traditionally, Spirituality was defined as a religious reformation process that “aims to recover […]