Documenting the Ultimate Adventure from Canada to India via New York City

A Travel enthusiast, Devanshu Solanki is documenting the ultimate adventure from Canada to India via New York City via his “Rooh Se Raahi”. His vlogs are captivating odyssey that promises to leave you breathless and yearning for more. This extraordinary documentary takes viewers on an exhilarating journey traversing across continents, unveiling the richness of diverse cultures and enchanting landscapes. From the bustling streets of Toronto to the iconic skyline of New York City, every frame captures the pulsating energy and vibrant spirit that ignites this epic expedition.

Canada to India

As our fearless explorers embark on their audacious quest, they immerse themselves in a myriad of unique experiences – tasting delectable street food in Montreal’s hidden alleys, dancing through flamenco performances under Manhattan’s dazzling lights, or simply basking in awe at Niagara Falls’ majestic grandeur. Yet it is when they set foot on Indian soil that their voyage truly unfolds into a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing encounters with ancient traditions, mystical temples dotting serene backwaters, and bustling bazaars brimming with colors and fragrances.

Devanshu Solanki

Embarking on a thrilling and daring adventure, Mr. Devanshu Solanki undertook the arduous task of traveling from Canada to India via an extraordinary long route. A true explorer at heart, he recently found himself standing in awe at the solemn 9/11 Memorial in New York City, paying homage to those who lost their lives during that tragic event. With each step he took on the hallowed ground, emotions surged through his veins as he contemplated the lasting impact of such a devastating incident.

Rooh se Raahi- Canada to India

As his journey progressed, Mr. Solanki’s wanderlust led him to Hudson Square Yard, where towering skyscrapers painted a mesmerizing picture against the backdrop of an endless sky. The vastness of this concrete jungle only fueled his spirit further, reminding him that there was still so much left to discover along his ambitious path. Astonishingly enough, thus far he has covered a staggering distance of 12,000 kilometers solely by car – every mile etching memories into his adventurous soul and reinforcing his determination for this epic expedition across continents and cultures alike.

With its spellbinding cinematography capturing every breathtaking moment – be it scaling snow-capped peaks in Banff National Park or meditating amidst towering Himalayan peaks – “Rooh Se Raahi” immerses its audience into an enthralling narrative where discovery becomes an art form itself.

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