NYC Jazz Prodigy Collaborates With Carnal Indie Pop Artist

You Know What They are Talkin’ Bout! This unlikely duo is generating buzz with their musical  collaboration. Collectively earning over 100,000 streams on all platforms. So how did a sports-loving  improvisational jazz pianist from NYC end up crossing paths with an LA pop singer-dancer? 

The duo owe their meeting to the The Covid-19 pandemic, which was responsible for their paths  crossing. They were introduced to each other in NYC mid 2020 & began their collaborative journey  shortly after.  

But combining Traditional Pop & Improvisational Jazz is no easy task. Anyone can roughly mix genres,  but it’s the artist’s job to find a balance that brings out the best in both genres. There must be  individuality, harmony & resonance. The duo was intent on creating an interpretation of substance  rather than a soulless cash grab.  

When asked about his love for jazz music, Evan replied, “I find a tremendous amount of expressive potential in jazz to improve. The more time I put into it, on perfecting my craft, practicing, working at it, listening to great music, and internalizing it, the more tools I have at my disposal to express myself at a high level and really articulate meaningful ideas musically. Like I said, I spend a lot of time working on this. So that’s always what I’ve loved most about it.” 

But what’s next for the duo! Showing no signs of slowing down, Evan Main & Gio Nation are actively performing & working on their own separate projects. However, in these times no one knows what the future holds. These tenacious musicians might end up crossing collaborative paths again, delivering another zinger! 

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