Unraveling The Secret Of Mysterious Pokeballs

Pokemon are amazing creatures. Most of them look cute. But if you take them for their cuteness, you might be in serious trouble. As they have serious powers. A very cute-looking Pikachu can shock you terribly. An infant-looking Charizard can burn you to death. And an adorable blob-like Ditto can deceive you in a trickier manner than you can ever imagine. So never underestimate a pokemon.

Although pokemon are powerful, they can be controlled, if you treat them with love and respect. You can also capture them in pokeballs, which are powerful enough to capture the mighty pokemon and keep their powers in control. Pokeballs are very mysterious objects. Nobody knows what is the source of their powers and how they are able to control the mighty pokemon. 

While most pokeballs are in perfect condition. Some have frozen and therefore you can through out the pokemon captured in them. What caused them to freeze is totally unknown. And with this lack of knowledge about their source of power as well as the reasons for getting frozen, the pokemons captured in them are like captured forever. Nobody has seen those pokemons in years. And despite various attempts by many, nobody has even been able to open those frozen pokeballs even once.

Now the mighty dark power, the Mysterious Black, who has attained the worthiness for Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, tries to break open those frozen pokeballs with the power of the mighty Mjlonir. Thor’s hammer is way too powerful a weapon, which you don’t expect to fail. The same did happen. The hammer was able to break many of those pokeballs easily. But still the power of pokeballs can’t be totally contained by even the hammer. 

And some pokeballs totally absorbed the attack of the hammer without getting any scratch on the surface.

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