Web Series Constitutes The New Age Of Entertainment!

Everything changes with the changing time. And now it seems like the world of entertainment is changing too. Just about a few years ago, our main mediums of entertainment used to be movies and television shows. We all would wait eagerly for the clock to hit 6 (say) in the evening and open our television to watch our favourite tv show, or may be the one in which the entire family finds some interest. Then there were movies which allowed us to not compromise our interest. We can watch whatever type of movies we want without needing all the family members to like it. 

Then came the web series. And with the advancing mobile technology and increasing internet speeds, they immediately became everybody’s favourite. And with the increasing popularity of OTT platforms, web series are now top players in the entertainment market.  As of now Netflix is the most popular OTT platform, followed by others like Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Here is the review of Lucifer, a popular web series by Netflix, which you should definitely watch.

There are several reasons why web series are so popular. You can watch them alone with privacy and without needing to compromise you interest like movies. But movies are just 2 hours long while TV shows are too long and run for several months which gets a little boring for some people. But with web series that come with 8-10 episodes in a season, they are neither too short, nor too long. Also not being too short like movies, allows directors to detail various characters and scenes that makes them more interesting than movies. That’s why web series are new age of entertainment.

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