Guns And Shooting | Why Do People Like Them?

People around the world like to carry guns and practice shooting them. These people are not only policemen and army personnels, common people like them too. Delving a little into the reason as to why people like guns and firearms, we find many of them!

A gun is an incredibly well engineered piece of machinery. They have a lot of power, without any electricity and any computer chip controlling their action. Just some finely crafted mechanism including a firing pin, a basic spring on a rod, a floating barrel, and a trigger system. People like to carry such beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and engineering. Bsides, there are many other reasons as well; every gun has a history associated with it which many people admire; being able to shoot a gun makes us feel strong and confident; and not to forget an obvious reason that having a gun makes us feel safe.

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