What Is ASMR And Why It Feels So Good?

ASMR stands for the autonomous sensory meridian response which describes a pleasant experience that we get when we are subjected to certain kinds of stimuli. It is a  tingling feeling that we get from it that makes us feel calmer and less stressed. It begins at the very top of our head, travels down our neck, moves along the remainder of our spine, and sometimes even makes its way down to our feet and hands. It seems like somebody is slowly running his finger down our spine while being very gentle.

These days, there are a lot of ASMR videos available on YouTube. It is claimed that persons who view ASMR videos display physiological changes like a lower heart rate, which also explains the deep sense of relaxation that they experience as a result of doing so. It is also possible to see an increase in the levels of skin conductance, which is a sign that arousal has taken place.

There are several ASMR triggers around all of us that we may encounter every day. Personal attention, gentle sounds like tapping and crunching, and even some of the slow satisfying motions are identified as common triggers of ASMR.  Although, the triggers are not always universal. ASMR is a subjective experience, and different people are prompted to have it by a variety of sensations and stimuli. Even the degree to which one is affected by the events varies greatly for different people.

The brain areas that are activated by ASMR are the same regions that are active when one experiences a profound sense of relaxation due to interpersonal bonding associated with grooming and caregiving behaviours.

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