How funny video compilations can make you feel better!

Laughter is considered a natural medicine for the body! It increases the production of antibodies and endorphins, which boosts the immune system and improves mood. There are also reports of laughter reducing anxiety. In addition, laughing can reduce the frequency of illness and is also known to strengthen bonds among family members and co-workers. So why not make a compilation video using some of your best jokes…or, watch one which is ready!?

Did you know that a study found that viewing humorous videos could reduce anxiety and they found that a fun video was better at generating a positive mood than a serious one. Well, that sounds obvious but still it underlines the benefits. This finding corroborated previous studies.

But is also good to study! In fact, in the past studies have found that the students who watched funny videos had better learning motivation and knowledge transfer and this was especially found to be true for the students who were able to see the videos before they began a learning activity. In addition, they were more satisfied with their learning experience.

So, really you need to make fun videos part of your life. Whether it is creating them or watching them, you are good to go.

In case you want to create them, tere are several online tools that can help you create compilation videos. These tools include Wondershare Filmora, which is an easy to use tool that can help you create and edit your clips together very easily.

Meanwhile, enjoy our videos!

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