15 Strange weird things in South Korea

  • They have Unbeatable state support for Pregnant Women
  • Every bus stop has a digital information panel that displays a bus schedule.
  • It is normal to try the food in grocery stores in the majority of Korean supermarkets.
  • South Koreans enjoy giving and receiving practical gifts.
  • On the occasion of the Korean New Year, TV hosts dress in traditional attire.
  • Kindergartners have Color-Coded Uniforms.
  • Churches give out small tokens of appreciation to their congregations.
  • High schoolers study until midnight.
  • Couples like to wear matching clothes.
  • The best gift for a teacher is a cup of coffee or candy because big gifts to teachers or public officials are considered bribes.
  • They have themed subway cars
  • Dog meat is extremely expensive to eat.
  • There’s a lack of trash bins but plenty of public restrooms.
  • Koreans workaholism has no limits.
  • There is a law for working people to turn off their computers on Friday evening.
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