Why Sandwiches Are So Popular Around The Globe?

The majority of us are sandwich lovers. Our lover for sandwiches is like an addiction, but a somewhat odd addiction. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of meals with unique, fantastic, and interesting flavour combinations, textures, and consistencies, more than half of us select a sandwich each day for lunch. Surprisingly, a typical person consumes around 20 thousand sandwiches during their lifetime. And the reasons for our unconditional love are many.

First of all, they are really convenient food options. Sandwiches are available almost everywhere. It’s really simple to eat them on the fly without spilling them all over the place. Plus they are easy to make as well. And in fact, making them is exciting as well. You can just let yourself be as creative as you want. Just take two pieces of bread or anything similar and put whatever you want in between. And voila..! You got a sandwich. You may explore new foods and flavours, as well as eliminate those you don’t enjoy, such as meat for vegetarians. It satisfies our creative urges well since we all like experimenting with new flavour combinations.

And talking about flavours, that’s another compelling reason to like sandwiches. It has a rich and delicious flavour, such as beef stew or newly baked lasagna, and sometimes it has a nostalgic flavour. Sandwiches may include cultured nut cheeses or roasted nuts, cooked green tomatoes or chutney, butter varieties such as coconut or honey butter, and various pickles and peppers, and whatnot.  A well selected set of ingredients tastes delicious, and the sensation of numerous layers entering your tongue at the same time is delectable. And these are all the reasons we love sandwiches so much.

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