What’s Special About Afghan Food?

Afghans have a bit of uniqueness in everything. Whether you talk about their culture, their traditions, their dresses or their food they have something different about them. Their food is particularly delicious and you would love to try that difference of taste and cooking style. 

Afghan cuisine is primarily influenced by the cuisines of Iran, India, and Mongolia, among others. Indian influence includes chillies, pepper, garam masala and saffron. Iran provided mint, coriander and a style of cooking with spinach or other green vegetables. Mongolian influences can be found in dumplings and noodles, among other things.

Afghan food, however, has its own distinct flair. In this country of harsh landscapes and frigid winters, fatty dishes are a vital source of energy, with oil being used freely and mutton fat being customarily incorporated into many traditional dishes. Afghans, in contrast to certain other people in their region, want their food to be neither very spicy nor very hot, and they are well-known for their utilisation of dried fruit and nuts. Yummy rice is their specialty, with yoghurt dressing, topping, and complementing functions similar to how the Italians utilise cheese in their dishes.

Their cuisine has a lot of variety with many local variations as well. But the cooking style remains the same all over. And to the residents of the west, their style comes as a fresh take on cooking that appeals to taste buds as much as it does to eyes.

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