Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, also known as stationary cycling is becoming increasingly popular among people these days. Indoor cycling is done using a workout equipment with a seat and pedals below it that looks like the front of a bicycle. These days when people are getting more and more busy in their work to earn money, indoor cycling offers a great and convenient way to workout. And the best thing is that it works out your entire body and offers a lot of health benefits.

Studies have found that indoor cycling can improve your cardiovascular health and help prevent heart failure. In fact, one study with over 18,000 participants showed that people who regularly did low-intensity cycling had a reduced risk of heart disease. Another study showed that men who did 200 minutes of cycling per week for six months had a reduced risk of heart failure by 50 percent.

Another good news is that indoor cycling can also help improve blood pressure, and increasingly, people are starting to see these benefits. In fact, a study found that the more often you exercise on an indoor cycle, the lower your blood pressure becomes. 

If you’re looking to lose weight, indoor cycling is a great option. This type of exercise burns an average of 500-600 calories per hour. It can also help increase your metabolism by as much as 12 percent after just one hour of exercise. That’s why people who use indoor cycles also say they notice a difference in weight loss within the first few weeks of using them. The low reduction in fat takes away with itself the risk of many lifestyle diseases and thereby ensuring better health and improved life.

With all this said, it is clear to see how great indoor cycling is for both your heart and overall health in general.

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