How People Dress Up In the New York City?

In New York City, there is no uniform dress code. You are free to dress whichever way you like, whether you prefer to go for a more frilly, punk, or traditional chic appearance. People in NYC  dress for comfort, yet they never fail to add at least one or two attractive touches. Maintain a watchful eye on the weather and layer your outfit thoughtfully while striking a balance between loose and more structured pieces of clothing.

People in New York exude an air of sophistication and coolness. One thing that all of the most stylish of them have in common is the ability to seem put together while yet giving off the impression that they didn’t put any effort in at all. As long as you stick to these fashion guidelines, you’ll be able to pull off the simple yet comfortable style with ease.

Try layering a button down shirt with a lover sweater, or pair a structural sweatshirt with saggy pants and a cocoon overcoat with soft tailoring.  The color black is often worn by people. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with clothes of various colors, the stereotype does hold some water in NYC.

In a city where people walk everywhere, having appropriate footwear is not something that can be negotiated. Stay away from anything that is functional but unattractive (such as bulky running shoes), as well as anything that is fashionable but really unpleasant (painfully high heels). There is an endless variety of footwear that strikes the right balance, including smoking loafers, slip on brogues, and booties with a mid-height heel. Or you could simply try a hip pair of sneakers.

Having stated all that, you should feel free to choose the clothing that you wish to wear. Enjoy the fact that New York City’s fashion scene has earned its reputation throughout the years.

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