Join the Restoring the Walls Campaign ’23-’24 and Support MY HOPE CENTER’S Efforts

BE A PART OF THIS GREAT MOVE! Introducing the highly anticipated Restoring the Walls Campaign ’23-’24, where the people of The My Hope Center unite their efforts to make an indelible difference in the next generation, communities and families, and beyond. With unwavering passion and dedication, their mission is crystal clear: to restore hope, ignite dreams, and build a brighter future for all. As they embark on this exhilarating journey together, lets envision a world where no child’s potential goes untapped – where opportunities abound for growth and success.

By investing in education programs that empower young minds with knowledge and skills they need to thrive amidst modern challenges, they secure a promising tomorrow not only for them but also for their communities at large. Their commitment extends far beyond classrooms; it encompasses revitalizing neighborhoods plagued by adversity through job creation initiatives that foster economic prosperity. Together with families facing hardships head-on, we aim to establish strong support systems that uplift every member towards achieving their highest potential.

Through empowering workshops focused on financial literacy or mental health awareness programs tailored specifically for different age groups, our intention is to create sustainable change that resonates within households for generations to come. But let not stop there – as agents of transformation driven by empathy and compassion, our impact knows no bounds.

Thanks to Sergio Nazir Chavez’s undying passion and unwavering commitment towards restoring these magnificent structures to their long-lost majesty—the Walls Campaign ’23-’24 represents much more than saving ancient walls; it embodies our collective determination to safeguard our cultural legacy for generations yet unborn.

BE A PART OF THIS GREAT OF MOVE! Restoring the Walls Campaign '23-'24


The Walls Campaign ’23-’24 aims to revive dilapidated walls across forgotten cities and breathe new life into their crumbling facades. By joining this cause, we become the guardians of iconic structures that have withstood the test of time, witnessing history unfold within their ancient stones.

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