Racism Should Be Stopped Immediately!

Our civilization has a long history of harbouring racist attitudes and practices. People have this perception that God’s creation of white people is superior to God’s creation of black people. However, does God truly distinguish between the two? The answer is no. God has created all of us equally and in God’s eyes, there is only one race that exists, and that race is mankind.

We all are people, we have similar emotions, similar needs and similar dreams. We don’t want to get hurt or see our close ones get hurt. We all want to live a happy and prosperous life with our family and friends. We all want to be valuable somewhere and contribute something to the development of society on our part. This is how all humans feel and this means that from the inside they all are the same. Just the colour of skin makes no difference to what a person is. And that’s why racism has got no logic or reasoning behind it. It is just a result of flawed thinking.

The truth is that a society can truly progress only when all types of discrimination have disappeared, and when all people are respected and where they have opportunities to utilise their skills. Modern society has started to understand this thing. Over time the mindset of people is changing. In today’s modern society, it is becoming more common for people of different races to live peacefully and on equal footing with one another. And this is how the world should be.

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