Mountain Biking Is Adventurous, But It Is Not Without Dangers!

Mountain biking is growing more and more popular these days, with many people peddling their bikes off the road and into uneven terrain. Mountain biking is an exciting way to get some exercise while enjoying the natural surroundings – but it is not without hazards.

Most trail accidents happen when the biker is riding downhill.  Even though you’re not pedalling, your bike will acquire speed, causing it to hit obstacles with more impact than on flat or uphill terrain. It’s critical to be cautious, particularly if you’re in unfamiliar areas. Also, avoid routes that are too challenging for your abilities and expertise.

Sighting the possibility of injuries that mountain biking carries, it is imperative that you carry a first aid kit with you, wherever you go on a ride. First aid kits with a variety of bandages, medications and other necessary stuff can help you a lot if you get an injury. You should also keep some essential tools with you like torch, knives, scissors, etc., with you.

Another way you can ensure your safety is to make sure that your bike is in good condition. Before you start the trail, examine your bike for broken or damaged components. Examine the whole drive chain, along with the pedals, and also check that the brakes are in proper working condition. Inspect the tyres for adequate pressure as well as for any rips or fractures, and inspect the wheels for defects.

It is also important you be in a great physical condition as well. Do some stretching before you ride, and make sure you’re adequately hydrated and have had a nutritious meal. Wear safety equipment such as a helmet, eyeglasses, knee pads, and hand gloves. And remember to never overwork your body.

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