What Makes A Song Good? Is It Our Mood?

There are many songs in the world. There are many songs on our playlists as well. Each made of a beautiful mix of some musical instruments and human vocals melded together in a melody composed by an artist. Each song is composed of almost the same musical elements – a melody, some instruments, lyrics and vocals, yet each song is different. A unique mix of different musical elements gives each song a unique style, flavour, or whatever you say, a unique mood maybe!

But what makes a song good? Maybe each song is good; because somebody in the world likes it. Some songs are liked by most of us, some songs are liked by only some people, but every song ever made is surely loved by somebody. Maybe it’s down to our personal preferences. But ever noticed yourself, preferring to listen to one song today, but not preferring that another day?

We all listen to songs based on our personal likes and dislikes. But it also depends on our mood. We may have different types of moods. At one time we may be remembering our lover and feeling romantics, at another time we may be excited about eating a lot of money or motivated about reaching our goal. Each of them is in a different mood and that totally affects our preferences of a song. As we said, each song has a unique feel to it. And therefore, we listen to songs whose feel matches our current mood. Or we can say, when the beat of a song and our heartbeats are in sync, we like that song!

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