Break Free From Stressful Life And Start Living!

Modern day life is full of stress. We all are busy in accumulating more and more wealth or fulfilling our ambitions or reaching our goals that we forget to live. But we always forget that life is a path and not a destination. And one who is constantly thinking about reaching the destination, always misses the beauty of the path, howsoever beautiful it may be. 

Modern humans have become blind in their way to progress. All we see and know is to make progress. And in this path, we are cutting millions of trees, we are producing tonnes of harmful waste everyday, we are destroying our ecosystem and habitat of many animals and plants, and we have aggravated the cases of loneliness and anxiety in our society. We have made our life a race for progress, and being so absorbed in racing, we forget to live.

This race for progress has not made us happy either. Almost everybody around us is dealing with anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression. We all realize that somewhere, something is not right with the way we are living our lives, but can’t put our finger on it. We all crave for a break in our lives. A break so big that we can free ourselves from all our modern life obligations and do whatever we want to do for real, do what our heart says and what satisfies our souls

And taking that break is not so difficult. All the peace and liveliness that we always crave for, is present everywhere around us. All we need to do is to take a pause, take a deep breath, feel our heart beat, and engulf ourselves in things that actually make us happy. Like being in natural surroundings, seeing and interacting with animals, light hearted talk with friends, enjoying some time with family members, and so on. And we will find life and liveliness all around us.

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