What is the impact of artists, musicians, and writers on society?

Many artists, musicians, and authors have made significant contributions to society as a result of their work. Art, music, and books may all have emotional impacts on people, can affect their behaviour and can in fact contribute to the formation of a society’s culture.

The emotional impact of art on society is well documented. Art may define the character of a civilization. Artists, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s works, which are all breathtaking works of art, and many of which can still be seen today in many art galleries around the world.  Da Vinci had an impact on the realm of science as well, with his sketches of the human body and plans for a flying machine, among other accomplishments.

People are inspired by music even more than they are by art. Many beautiful compositions have been written by many talented musicians, and simply listening to them can make you feel happy and may brighten your day. Music has the ability to elicit good emotions, provide hope, and even boost your mental health. Musical trends and genres may be used to influence the attitudes of people in a culture.

Writers inspire individuals by stirring the imaginations of their readers. Novels and essays may have a significant influence on the way individuals feel about and see society as a whole, and some books can even become part of a nation’s culture as a result of their significance to the community for which they are written.

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