Want To Become A Pilot? Here’s How You Can!

Being a pilot and flying plans seems like an incredible experience. Many people want to do it, and you may have considered it as a hobby, but being a commercial pilot is also a fantastic career option. Whether you want to fly a business jet in India, become a military pilot for the US Air Force, or become a captain in the Emirates, the sky is the limit for your career options. And it’s a lot less difficult than you may assume.

To become a private or commercial pilot, the first step is to look into your flight training alternatives. Learn about the many programs provided by flight schools and choose the one that best suits your flying objectives. You may apply for admission after you’ve discovered a decent institution, but you must first be medically fit. An FAA third-class medical examination is required of all student pilots. And you’ll require a class 1 medical certificate if you want to be a commercial pilot. Then there’s one more item you’ll need. To be able to fly during your training, you will need an FAA Student Pilot certificate. Apply for this through IACRA with the help of your instructor. 

You are now ready to begin your training after you have obtained all of the necessary certifications. The whole procedure takes around a year, during which you must complete ground school lessons as well as simulator and aircraft flying training with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). After completing your training, you must pass both the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test and the FAA Private Pilot Practical Exam. The last stage is to pass this exam and with that, you would have achieved your goal of becoming a pilot!

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