Astonishing facts about airplanes

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts because, today, I am going to tell you some shocking facts about airplanes. You’re about to learn a slew of fascinating facts about airplanes, what some of those bits and bobs are for, and what you should and most definitely should not do while onboard!

  • Lights are Out during takeoff and landing. They do this so that your eyes will adjust to the darkness in the unlikely event that you need to evacuate the plane at night So that your eyes will adjust to the darkness outside.
  •  Chicken or beef? Have you ever noticed how similar they taste? Airline food has a bad reputation, but it’s not the fault of the food. Sweet flavors weren’t as sweet, and salty foods tasted much saltier. Furthermore, the recycled air in the cabin is said to dull your taste buds.
  •  Don’t bother putting a This Side Up or Fragile sticker on your luggage because it won’t make a difference. The items must fit into a small space, and they will find any way to do so.
  •  It’s fantastic that airplanes have emergency oxygen supplies. In the event of an emergency, you are well aware that your oxygen mask will fall from the ceiling, and you must act quickly because those masks only last 15 minutes!

And there is a lot of more fascinating facts which are in the video.

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