Rapid Technological Advancements Brings A New Era Of Human Civilization!

Technology is advancing at a more rapid pace than most of us imagine. First, the discovery of electricity and then the invention of computers and the internet have acted as a catalyst to human technological advancements. Today, technological advancements in every field are happening at an exponential rate. 

Take the field of computing itself for example. Today a revolutionary technology called Quantum computing is under development, which will give unprecedented speed to our computing power in the near future. The Internet is also making itself more powerful to deal with such powerful computing with the development of 5G and 6G technologies. Advance computing power and improved knowledge of quantum physics is leading the way for development of advanced robots that will not only help us by handling our routine tasks, but will allow us to do a lot of things which we haven’t been able to do until now. For example medical nanobots are here to assist us in curing the most complex diseases that humans suffer from, and AI powered robots are here to remove the plastic from the oceanic ecosystem.

The advanced computing power and artificial intelligence that we are developing will also require a lot of energy. But no worries as the inventions like Quantum Dots and energy storing bricks are also underway to revolutionize the way we generate electricity. Seeing all these advancements, it almost seems like the “future is now”. It seems like we are already living in the future. And science fiction is not going to remain just in our imaginations for a long time. A new era of human civilization is about to begin and we better prepare ourselves for it.

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