Ghost of Glitches City- Pokemon Creepypastas

Introduction Have you ever heard of the Ghost of Glitches City, the mysterious and terrifying urban legend that has been circulating around the Pokemon fandom? If you haven’t, then you’re in for a wild ride. Ghost of Glitches City is one of many creepy pastas, or horror stories based on video games, primarily those in […]

Pokemon Trading Cards Game! Why Are They Popular Among Kids?

Many of our childhood memories were re-created in an exciting fantasy world thanks to Pokemon. Pokémon has had an impact on many generations, even into the twenty-first century. Having a youngster who is obsessed with Pokémon cards is rather a common thing. When we were kids, the vast majority of us traded stickers with our […]

Unraveling The Secret Of Mysterious Pokeballs

Pokemon are amazing creatures. Most of them look cute. But if you take them for their cuteness, you might be in serious trouble. As they have serious powers. A very cute-looking Pikachu can shock you terribly. An infant-looking Charizard can burn you to death. And an adorable blob-like Ditto can deceive you in a trickier […]