Play SatisFactory And Industrialise An Alien Planet!

Produced by Swedish video game studio Coffee Stain Studios, Satisfactory is a manufacturing simulation game. The 3D game is played from the first-person perspective in 3D and features open world exploration and the construction of factories. Players are free to construct anything they choose. Here, you spend a long weekend constructing a big industrial facility and then take a pause to look at everything you have created with pride. Here you are standing on a planet by yourself, with no other individual to share the world with, other than the local flora and wildlife. It is entirely up to you to construct whatever you want it to be.

The fun in playing Satisfactory come from the way the story grows,  You have successfully landed on a planet, which will serve as your blank canvas upon which to create the ideal automated industries. Your only means of survival are the outfit you wore when you landed on the planet and the rocket in which you landed. However, your very first mission is to dismantle your landing rocket itself in order to gather the materials necessary to construct a scanner that will help you find the iron ore in the area. Once you have amassed a sufficient amount of iron, you will be able to construct a base of operations and begin your mechanical activities.

The storyteller seems to be passively demeaning you as a working grunt of the intergalactic-scale business of FicSit corporation. They keep reminding you that the labour you do on the planet is in devotion to your corporate masters. However, given the planet is yours, it’s simply so much fun, from exploring the wilderness to the construction of futuristic industries. Overall, it is a game that you would want to play and more if you had the chance.

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