How To Get Views From External Websites To YouTube

Hi guys, and today you will learn how to get more views on YouTube from external sources! Which is very healthy for your YouTube channel, since the algorithm loves views from external sites. But let’s give some contest here: with over 2 billion active monthly user accounts, YouTube has become one of the most popular sites on the internet. While this makes it easier than ever for people to share videos of their friends, pets, hobbies and interests with everyone and potentially get a lot of views, the “web outside YouTube” is as big (actually, much bigger!) and therefore, an opportunity to get a lot of YouTube views from it. Thankfully, today we have some ways for you to get views from external websites to your own video, so you can boost your views, ranking, and grow even faster.

Create Video Content For Organic Views (Viral, Engaging, Short)

The best way to get views from external websites to YouTube is by creating video content that people want to see and…share, This means you need to create videos that are relevant and original enough for your viewers so that they’ll share it with others online. For the same reason, shorter videos and short are also a great idea, since they usually get shared more.

Optimize For Search Engines

Also search engines, such as Bing and Google, count as external traffic source. So, you’ll need to make sure that your videos and the keywords are optimized for search engines like Google. If someone searches for something on Google, depending on the search query, sometimes the first results are videos related to the query. These video results if clicked will link back to the video page on YouTube where people can watch in full and share their thoughts about it.

Post An Article On Your Blog With Your Video Embedded

On your blog, you can write a post about the same topic of your video. And of course, insert your YouTube video, which probably most users will watch, if related to the blog post content and with an intriguing title. There are also sites that provide youtube video embed’s done for you, and your videos will be embedded inside blog posts which will talk about the same topic as your video. This is also great for the ranking of the video within its niche.

Promote Videos In Other Social Media

One way to get views from external websites is to promote your videos in other social media channels. Search engines are more likely to rank a video on YouTube that’s shared by other popular social media than they are if the content was only posted on YouTube and also, it might get you some extra views. So, consider promoting your videos in other social media channels of yours like Instagram and Facebook before uploading them to YouTube. Let those networks share your content with their own audiences for free instead of you paying for advertising to get it seen. You should also try sites like Quota and Reddit, which usually have great traffic from Search Engines.

Increase Paid Videos Views On External Sites

YouTube doesn’t have a way to directly influence the number of views your videos get. But it is possible to promote your videos on external sites, so they can be viewed by more people outside of your social circles or the YouTube algorithm’s. To boost paid views of your YouTube video on external sites, you just need to find a reliable site that provides a service where your video will be promoted on different websites. If those websites are related to your niche, then even better. Lenostube has a service like that, where they promote your video on external sites and where you also decide the language or country targeting.

While there are many ways to increase views from external websites or even boost organic search results on YouTube for free, paying for premium services such as the ones previously mentioned is a great way to get new eyes on your content and get more views from external sources.


The key to increasing your YouTube views from external sites and external social media is to create content that will stand out and that people will naturally share, share and share again. But this can also be done by posting articles on your blog or promoting your video on external websites. You can also boost your organic search results by creating videos that answer a common question and optimize the title and description keywords, so that are relevant for the user’s search query and rank well.

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