Do You Love Animated Movies And Videos?

Animated movies, videos and TV shows have been there for a long time.  Making videos or movies by animation involves not recording anything real but using photos, images and graphics instead. These images are displayed on the screen one by one which gives us a sense that there is a moving picture on the screen. Based on this simple concept, animated movies can be as simple as a drawing by a child or as complex as a Marvel superhero movie.

As we all know, animated movies have been around for a long time. Decades ago even when the animation technology was not very good, and those animated movies just look like drawings by a child, people still used to like them a lot. This is because animation allows us the freedom to do and make whatever we want. When we record a real video, there are limitations to what we can record. We can only record the real world and not a figment of our fantasy. But with the help of animation, we can put on a screen whatever is there in our imagination. And that is why many people like animated movies. Because they take us to totally different worlds.

Today the animation technology has become much more advanced. Animated movie does not anymore look like a drawing by a child or even by an adult. Today animated movies look much more sophisticated and are almost comparable to real world scenes. This is all due to advancement in graphics technology that allows us to make advanced animated movies and show whatever there is in our imagination clearly to the audience.

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