Calling All Bluey Fans: Can You Ace Our Full Episode Trivia Quiz on ‘DIRT’?

Calling all Bluey fans! Get ready to put your knowledge to the test with our thrilling trivia quiz on “Dirt,” a mesmerizing episode that is sure to captivate you from start to finish. This exciting and professionally crafted challenge will delve deep into the enchanting world of Bluey, as we explore every magical moment in this particular episode. From heartwarming family bonds to valuable life lessons, “Dirt” embraces it all.


Here are questions for the Quiz for Bluey fans that will ignite your curiosity and keep you on the edge of your seat! In Bluey’s first episode, we embark on a thrilling adventure with our lovable protagonists. First off, can you recall how many minutes does it take for Dad to defeat his daughter in Keepy Uppy? Second, let’s test your memory: what is Bingo’s favorite toy that she loses in the creek?

Bluey QUIZ

Moving on, when Bluey wishes upon a star during nighttime playtime, what marvelous creature do they encounter? Now, brace yourself for a challenging question: which animal interrupts their peaceful picnic at Shadowlands Park? Lastly, think back to where all the magic happens – can you name Bluey and Bingo’s special hiding spot within their own backyard cubby house? These exhilarating questions from Bluey’s first episode will surely transport you back into this vibrant world full of laughter and imagination.


Prepare yourself for a wild ride packed with questions about Bingo’s delightful imagination, Bandit’s fun-filled adventures, and Chilli’s wise parenting skills. Discover how closely you’ve paid attention as we dive into the intricate details of this awe-inspiring episode that showcases just how powerful a child’s imagination can be when fueled by something as simple as dirt. So gather your wits and get ready for an exhilarating journey through “Dirt” like never before.


This exhilarating quiz not only challenges your memory but also celebrates the heartwarming moments that made Bluey such a cherished show among audiences of all ages. So, are you up for this thrilling challenge? Let’s engage our minds and embark on a journey through Bluey’s first episode together!

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