Unboxed Doll- A Mesmerizing Jazz Rap

Hip-hop and rap have always been a powerful way to express the stories and emotions of the people who create them. Unboxed Doll, a new jazz rap by Mileisy M. Mileisy M is a multitalented musician located in New York who plays jazz violin, composes music, directs music videos, and runs a music business. Regina […]

Hip Hop Isn’t Just Music But A Culture!

Hip hop is a kind of music that first emerged in the early 1970s in New York City.  Hip hop is more than simply a musical genre; it is also a lifestyle that has had a significant impact on the world since its beginning. Everything was different before hip hop came in and transformed it […]

Rap With Instrumental Tracks And Makes Perfect Music!

Music is a form of art people around the world are free to express in any manner they want. That is why forms of music keep changing from culture to culture and over time as well. These days a type of music that has become really popular among music lovers all over the world is  […]